Greg at Project Shine

About Project Shine

Project Shine is a reseller of high quality automotive detailing products and equipment for the automotive enthusiasts and professional detailers. We are committed to selling only high end car care products that we’ve tested, used, and believe in, to include products from Angelwax, igl Coatings, Autofiber, and Lake Country Mfg, to name a few. As we continue to test new products and grow, our lineup will continue to expand.

About Greg

I started detailing as a child, helping my father detail his black work trucks. Once I was old enough to drive and I purchased my first car, detailing and paint perfection quickly became an obsession. After enlisting in the U.S. Navy, my passion for car care and detailing grew; performing paint corrections and ceramic coatings on the weekends, when not deployed. With retirement from the military looming, I was finally able to start my professional detailing business and online retail store. I believe my 20 years of military service instilled in me an unswerving work ethic and attention to detail that customers find refreshing in the era of the fly-by-night, $99.00 “buff and wax,” that ultimately does more harm than good to your vehicle’s paint finish.

Gregory Knotts Owner & fellow detailer